Host Todd Dexheimer rented a skid steer to move some dirt and ended up tipping in on it’s front. Hear about his story and the lessons he took from the experience.

Often in business mistakes happens to us. We make a mistake or go down a path, knowing it’s not right, but we keep the pedal down. If this is happening to you, you need to stop, get out, dig and make the correction. The goal, however, is to set yourself up so that when mistakes do happen, you don’t keep pushing the pedal down, but react right away positively to make the correction.

A few things we can do to help us along the way:

1. First of understand that you will make mistakes. It is going to happen, so be able to identify them quickly and make the change
2. Stay out of the ruts. If you feel yourself being pulled in, stop, reflect and take the needed steps to get out
3. Have people in your life/business that can help you. Mentor’s/coaches are a key ingredient. Business partners and key employees can also be helpful, as well as mastermind groups. Make sure you utilize people around you properly. Don’t be embarrassed by your mistakes, but instead embrace them.
4. Don’t take a bigger scoop than you and your business can handle. This happens all the time with businesses. Things go well, so they ramp up fast, not wanting to miss out on the profits. The scoops they are taking are too big, however, and they end up making mistakes and ultimately hurting the business. If you identify the issues early, then you will prosper, if not, you will tip over.

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