At Venture D we are driven to help our clients achieve long term financial security through real estate investments.

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Lessons Learned on our Latest Purchase

Recently we closed on a 97-unit apartment community in Memphis, TN. This is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and is located in a fantastic part of town, however, the building is in C class condition, so a modern update, while keeping a historic look is...

Why Assisted Living

The silver tsunami is coming and senior housing is poised to have decades of excellent stability and great returns. The baby boomer generation spans from 55-75 years old and with life spans increasing, the population of those 65 years+ will double by 2030. As this...


POWC #517 – Asset Management Tips
POWC #517 – Asset Management Tips

Pillars Of Wealth Creation · POWC #517 – Asset Management Tips Learn some of the best tips to know to successfully manage real estate assets. Interested in coaching? Schedule a call with Todd at Connect with Pillars Of Wealth Creation on Facebook:...

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