Welcome to Pillars of Wealth Creation! Today we talk to the late Rob Bonahoom, who unexpectedly passed away on September 29th, 2017 at the age of 45 shortly after the recording of this episode. We are deeply saddened with Rob’s passing and will miss him greatly. Rob always was there to lend support and help his clients along the way. Rob started in Real Estate as a Realtor in 1995 and moved to the mortgage business in 1997. Rob built a mortgage company up to 15 employees by 2004 when he sold his business to Capstone Mortgage ahead of the crash. Rob and his team continued with Cornerstone where he began doing creative financing strategies in 2008, while everyone else was running away from lending. Rob’s strategy allowed his clients to buy houses, renovate them and rent them and then refinance them with Fannie Mae with little to no money out of pocket. Rob took a job with First American bank to grow with his clients into the commercial real estate space, along with his residential loans. Rob left behind his wife and 4 kids, along with his parents and many close family and friends. Thank you for listening to our podcast, like us on Facebook and visit us on the web at pillarsofwealthcreation.com. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a 5 star rating and review.
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