Keith Nelson started in federal law enforcement before reverse engineering how to become wealthy. He tells us today about his blueprint for success.

Identifying needs in the investment real estate industry has steered Keith Nelson to create a real estate investment ecosystem that includes commercial real estate brokerage, debt and equity financing, and capital raising divisions. Having a diverse background in federal law enforcement, entrepreneurship, education, and being a published author has provided Keith with the experience needed to adjust and overcome obstacles and challenges we are confronted with on a daily basis. The companies Keith has founded are built on the foundation of fidelity and integrity. Keith’s team focuses on providing investment real estate opportunities with investor security at the forefront with the aim to become an industry disruptor.

3 Pillars

  1. Protection of your current worth
  2. Procedure
  3. Performance on health and business

Books: Missed Ops by Anthony Rienzi and Keith Nelson, Bumpers by Nic Peterson, The Road Less Stupid by Keith Cunningham, and Super Human by Dave Asprey

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