Venture D has an absolute commitment to exceptional relationships with our investors. Beyond our professionalism and complete dedication to our fiduciary responsibility, the interpersonal relationships that naturally develop are the key to our success.

We offer investors the ability to create a real estate portfolio that is diverse.


Venture D invests in Multi-family properties, mobile home parks, storage units and other commercial properties in emerging markets throughout the US. Our company’s strategy is to purchase distressed properties, fix the problem at hand to reposition them for a strong sale, all the while creating maximum monthly cash flow for our investors. Our approach is simple:

Target markets
Research markets with job growth, population growth and tenant affordability.

Locate a property
Find an asset with value add opportunity.

Due Diligence
Determine opportunity and develop business plan. Stress test asset.

Equity Raise
Equity raised for down payment, closing expense and a reserve account.

Acquisition and implementation of business plan.

Re-Position & Operate
Renovate property, maximize rents, minimize expenses and efficiently operate.

After 5-8 years, property is sold for maximum profit.

Why invest in Real Estate with Venture D?

With Venture D you are getting a hands-off investment approach to Real Estate.  Real Estate is a relatively stable investment, with much more timed ups and downs. Our favorite thing about Real Estate is that we can leverage money and depreciate!

When investing with Venture D you will know that your money is in good hands and best of all secured by Real Estate. Our company only buys deals that will have strong monthly cash flow. We use conservative numbers in our analysis to make sure all expenses are covered as well as complete renovation items that are important for long term stabilization.

Getting Started

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This is not a solicitation for money or a direct offering. This is for informational purposes only and meant for our accredited investors with an established relationship. If you would like more information on our investments and strategies, please fill out on the Getting Started form above and follow the instructions.