At Venture D we are driven to help our clients achieve long term financial security through real estate investments.


Keys to Out of State Investing

 In the last blog we talked about choosing a market by looking at the job creation, population growth and trends, new deliveries, government planning, tenant affordability and lastly opportunity within a market. Finding a market that hits all of this criteria is...


POWC #104 Importance Of A Business Plan With Tamar Mar

 3 Golden Nuggets: Have a business plan, build relationships and Get contracts in place. Tamar Mar is a full-time business owner, a real estate investor, and a superstar at raising money fast. In this episode, we will discuss her journey into real estate investing...

POWC #103 – Building A Business You Can Sell

 It all starts with a plan and then massive action. We discuss the importance of building your business with the end in mind. Making sure you're not stuck as an employee working 80 hours a week in your own company is important if you want to enjoy life! This podcast...

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