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The Power of the Mastermind

The longer I have been in business, the more that I have realized relationships are a massive key to success. I first started this real estate journey with my head down and focused solely on the next deal. This worked while I was flipping and buying small rentals. A...

Redevelopment Opportunity – Lessons Learned

Recently we closed on a 122 unit apartment community in Memphis, TN. The apartment community is in a strong A class area, but the building is in C or maybe even D class condition. From the outside, the pool is green, the bushes and trees are overgrown, the windows are...


POWC #345 – Hiring Professionals in Real Estate
POWC #345 – Hiring Professionals in Real Estate

Pillars Of Wealth Creation · POWC #345 – Hiring Professionals in Real Estate In this episode, Todd and Matt Jones talk about why you should hire professionals to help with your real estate business instead of trying to do everything on your own. Interested in...

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