In this episode, Todd talks with Hadar Orkibi about his experience coming from New Zealand to invest in the USA, and his process for choosing a market in which to invest.

Hadar Orkibi is the principle at He is a US Citizen, full-time Property Investor, and Trader. Hadar has been investing in Real Estate for over a decade, specializing in long distance, out of state investing. Started as a Licensed Real Estate agent in Israel before immigrating to New Zealand in 2003. Hadar’s portfolio includes Multi-Family apartments, and Commercial with Triple Net Leases in NZ and the United States. In the US with, Hadar is focused on Multi-Family Apartment Buildings that have value-add upside potential with strong cash-flow, and he is a leading mastermind facilitator with

5 Pillars

  1. Focus
  2. Have a measurable action plan
  3. Proper time management
  4. Understand your finances
  5. Accountability

Books: Build a Business, Not a Job! By Dave Finkel and Stephanie Harkness, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

You can connect with Hadar at or 501-251-8201

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