Alix has been involved in real estate for the last 20 years primarily out of Durango, Colorado, but is an experienced investor in Illinois, Texas, Ohio and Atlanta. His first company, Kogan Builders (founded in 1999), is still going strong designing and building custom homes in the beautiful mountains of Southwest Colorado. Shortly after starting his own construction company, Alix started investing in single-family spec homes, single-family rentals, commercial space, and of course multi-family rentals. In the last 15 years, Alix has successfully completed several ground up developments spanning from town homes, mixed use, and single-family developments. Alix owns over 1800 apartment units, self manages his own portfolio of single-family rentals and commercial properties.

3 Pillars
1. Diversification
2. Assess investments for tax advantages
3. Finding your who and leverage relationships

Books: Bad Paper by Jake Halpern

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