Todd and John discuss the abundance of the world. It’s a blessing to be alive. Did you know that you have a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being born? If you’re an adult reading this, then it is a blessing that you made it this far. Most of us have even escaped death plenty of times before our 30th birthday.

We live in a world of complainers. There is turmoil and all these terrible things happening all over the US and world. If you listen to or read any of the news outlets you will be filled with all of the outrage that your mind and body can handle and if you let that garbage consume you, then you are in danger of becoming a part of the problem.

If more of us just shut out the noise, the world and our country will become a better place. We are what we consume, and if we are listening to complaining and evil, that is what our minds will be filled with. If we focus on the blessing that we have been given, our eyes, ears and hearts will be opened up to receiving more blessings. All of us living today are truly blessed.

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