Covering the gap in the market is the key to investing successfully. Patrick Grimes discusses the lessons he learned to be able to invest like the wealthy after losing everything in 2009. 

3 Pillars of Wealth

  1. Financial Freedom
  2. Time Freedom
  3. Location Freedom

Book: A CEO Only Does Three Things by Trey Taylor


Patrick is the founder of Passive Investing Mastery, a company that is dedicated to educating and providing alternative investments to help investors diversify their portfolios. He is also the founder of the private equity firm, Invest On Main Street, where he has acquired over $600M+ in real estate including over 4,000 units in multifamily apartment communities in emerging markets across Texas and the southeastern U.S. 

Patrick was inducted into the Forbes Real Estate Council, an invitation-only community of executives that meet to discuss the latest topics and contribute to Forbes thought-leadership articles on investing and commercial real estate.

He partnered in writing an Amazon #1 best-selling book, Persistence, Pivots, and Game Changers, Turning Challenges Into Opportunities, with co-authors who include the lead guitarist of Def Leppard, the host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show, NBA/NFL championship coaches/players, and other entrepreneurs and actors.

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