Pat Hiban has done over $1 billion in real estate transactions. Learn his secrets in today’s episode.

Pat Hiban is the founder and former chairman of Rebus University and the former host of the podcast Real Estate Rockstars. He is a former real estate agent in the Baltimore area and was the #1 ReMax agent in the world with gross commissions. He is the best-selling author of the book “6 Steps to 7 Figures”. He is now invested in 200+ units. He founded GoBundance, which is a mastermind group for wealthy individuals who want to lead epic lives.

3 Pillars

  1. Save
  2. Keep being consistent
  3. Have diversification in non-correlating assets

Books: 6 Steps to 7 Figures, Tribe of Millionaires, The Quitter’s Manifesto

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