In this episode, Todd talks with Juan Carlos Herrera and Julio Cacho about how they look at the balance between risk and reward with investing and how their company helps both big and small investors.

Juan Carlos Herrera previously ran a hedge fund for 10 years. Julio Cacho was a director of risk and performance at Ziff Brothers Investments, a private multi-billion dollar family office in New York City. In 2015, they founded Quantor Capital to manage the money of a few families in Houston. The business grew and expanded to more investors. They merged with Inscription Capital, which has over $1B of assets under management. Julio is also a professor at Rice University.

Juan Carlos’ 3 Pillars

  1. Understand that it is very unlikely to outperform the market, so save and diversify as early as possible.
  2. Compounding wealth is the way to go for most people.
  3. Take a deep dive into the basics of investing.

Julio’s 3 Pillars

  1. Diversify really well.
  2. Don’t try to outperform the market.
  3. Focus on your risk tolerance.

Books: Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Success and Luck by Robert Frank, Fooled by Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, A Random Walk Down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel, The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

You can connect with Juan Carlos through his podcast Now Know This or on LinkedIn. You can connect with Julio on LinkedIn or Twitter @jcachodiaz

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