In this episode, Todd Dexheimer and John Stiles continue their discussion about buying apartment buildings.

After you decide that apartments are the asset class you want to pursue and that you are going to be the person putting together deals, you’ll need to narrow down your search.

Consider which Class of apartment you prefer: A, B, C, or D. Each has it’s own benefits and challenges.
You’ll need to choose the number of units that you will consider, age of the building, location, and price range.
Also, will you be looking for plug-and-play properties or value-ad opportunities?

Once you’ve set your criteria then you need to understand where to find the deals. Listen to the episode to learn more.

Check out Todd’s article on this topic here:…mer/?published=t

Have questions or comments about investing in apartment buildings? Comment below!

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John Stiles is a licensed MN real estate agent with Bridge Realty.
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