Michael Sparks joins us today to talk about becoming your own banker. He discusses the idea behind using your life insurance policy as your own bank and the wealth building strategies behind that. Michael has been a lifetime entrepreneur and takes us through his journey of selling for a network marketing company and his newer business, Dynasty Wealth Partners. Michael’s words of wisdom:
1. Don’t take too long to implement a strategy
2. Set up your business properly from the start
3. help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want.
You can reach Michael at dynastywealthpartners.com.

This podcast made possible by Trevor McGregor International. If you want to take your business and you life to the next level talk with Trevor at coachwithtrevor.com. Also, visit our friends at Norada Real Estate. If you’re looking for the best turnkey investing company or want a free investment strategy session visit www.noradarealestate.com.

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