The economy and commercial real estate are going through a big transition. Interest rates have spiked and values have decreased 20-30%. On top of that, we have seen a huge amount of supply in some markets, as well as a big increase in expenses. Anna Kelley discusses what to be aware of and how to be successful in the new economy. 

Anna Kelley is the President at Greater Purpose Capital, and ReiMom, LLC. She is a former top-ranked Financial Relationship Manager for a Private Bank and worked for AIG for 20 years in the High Net Worth and Affluent Markets group. She has been investing in real estate for over 25 years and has actively owned and managed a rental portfolio valued at over $400 Million across Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Maryland.

She is also a 4X Amazon #1 Best Selling Author: The Only Woman in the Room; Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback; Success Habits of Super Achievers; and Bringing Value, Solving Problems & Leaving a Legacy. She’s been featured in 3 other real estate books, including Profit Like the Pros, by Ken Corsini.

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