In this episode, Todd talks with Chris Miles about how he retired in his 30’s from cash flowing assets, and how you can too use debt to your advantage in today’s market.

Chris Miles is the “Cash Flow Expert,” founder of Money Ripples, coauthor of the book Entrepreneur on Fire, and the host of the Chris Miles Money Show. He is a leading authority showing growing entrepreneurs how to quickly free up and create cash flow TODAY! He’s an author, speaker, and radio host that has been featured in US News, CNN Money, Bankrate, and has spoken to thousands getting them fast financial results.

3 Pillars

  1. Create value
  2. Have cash reserves and be a wise steward of your money
  3. Grow your wealth with low risk and high returns

Books: The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz, The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles, and Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale

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