How many of your daily tasks would you like to outsource to qualified virtual assistants? Learn how Anna Li can help you find the right people for your business.

Anna Li is a successful entrepreneur who spent 17 years climbing the corporate ladder and reaching a senior leadership role, including spending four years on an assignment in Switzerland. However, two years ago, Anna significantly changed her career by starting her own business and retiring from her corporate job. Anna’s life has always been busy, juggling corporate work, running multiple businesses, and raising three children. Her ability to manage all these responsibilities effectively has led her friends and family to ask her how she does it all frequently. Anna’s secret lies in outsourcing most of her “busy work” to Virtual Assistants, allowing her to free up precious time for herself. She has since turned this superpower into a business by running a global staffing company, Outsource Your Tasks. She is helping busy business operators become strategic business owners and freeing up their time with the help of professional Virtual Assistants.

4 Pillars

  1. Love and connection
  2. Health and energy
  3. Childlike excitement
  4. Abundance

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

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