Buying and rehabbing businesses can be very profitable if you do it like Jay Bourgana. 

Jay Bourgana is a veteran management consultant turned business owner. He has experience in banking, manufacturing, and management consulting including 10 years stints in China and Europe. Jay currently resides on Oahu, Hawaii with his wife and two children- Isabel and Jack. He started the Homearly Real Estate Group which, grew from $0 to $350M in residential real estate sales in 4 years, facilitating over 5000 real estate transactions and subsequently sold to the $7 billion First Team Real Estate in 2018. Jay believes it is the entrepreneur’s duty to his family, employees, customers and the community, to make his business sellable, because a transferable business is a business that can thrive for generations. Jay has made it his mission to educate and help entrepreneurs design an exit plan, and help talented managers acquire and grow these businesses. Jay also enjoys investing in real estate and businesses across multiple industries and geographies, adding value to the communities they serve. Jay loves to spend time with his family, travel and is passionate about engaging in his community and developing young entrepreneurs, mentoring local businesses, and volunteering with local non-profits. Jay’s life’s purpose is healing ill businesses, thus bringing opportunity and joy to communities.  

3 Pillars 

  1. Health 
  2. Wealth 
  3. Relationships 

Books: Drive by Daniel Pink, The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt 

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