More property owners are willing to do seller financing in today’s market. Learn how Nathan Smith successfully convinces sellers to do creative financing. 

Nathan Smith is a real estate investor and an industry leader in creative financing and asset management. He reached financial independence at age 30 and currently owns over 200 doors, totaling approximately 24 million dollars in assets. Nathan has founded multiple real estate businesses including “Clearwater Capital Group,” a real estate investment company that delivers dependable cash flow and appreciation and “Live in Eau Clarie,” a property management company that managed over 1,000 units at the time of his exit. One of Nathan’s passions is teaching others about the power of investing in real estate.  

3 Pillars 

  1. Have a correct vehicle  
  2. The vehicle needs to be scalable 
  3. The vehicle needs to be repeatable 

Books: The Gap and the Gain by Dan Sullivan 

You can connect with Nathan on Instagram @dr_Nate_realestate 

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