In this episode, Todd and Pili Yarusi talk about how she partnered with her husband, Jason, to scale from flipping single family houses to large multifamily syndications.

Pili Yarusi has partnered with her equally awesome husband, Jason, and created Yarusi Holdings LLC a large multifamily investment firm. Currently they are General Partners in about 800 units with 250 under direct asset management. Her focus is on large multifamily syndication and asset management. She runs the Investor and Client Relations branches of both Yarusi Holdings LLC and Multifamily Foundation LLC. Multifamily Foundation is Pili and Jason’s interactive education platform for investors to build a strong foundation with buying large multi-family apartments.

3 Pillars
1. large multifamily syndications and asset management
2. Investing through life insurance
3. mentorship program

Books: Traction by Gino Wickman, The One Thing by Gary Keller, and The Twelve Week Year by Brian Moran and Michael Lennington

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