High energy & high octane business owner and entrepreneur Joe Hill discusses the difference between building a business from the ground up and buying into a franchise. Joe is full of energy and loves business and the hustle. Since Joe has been young he has been involved in his dad’s flooring business and then his own flooring business. Joe also owns a fitness gym franchise and takes us through his journeys. Reach out to Joe Hill at joehill@extremebodyshaping.com or to facebook and look for Joe Hill at Extreme Bodyshaping.
This podcast made possible by our friends at Norada Real Estate. If you’re looking for the best turnkey investing company or want a free investment strategy session visit www.noradarealestate.com. Also check out Joe Fairless, host of the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever. As the longest running daily podcast Joe and his guest talk about the best real estate investing advice.
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