You can make amazing money investing in commercial properties with triple net leases. Learn how from Matt Onofrio in today’s podcast episode.

Although Matt Onofrio is a rising star in Commercial Real Estate Investing, just a few years ago, he would have been considered an outsider. At 24 years old, Matt was one of the most highly trained anesthesia professionals in the world. Working at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota he stood side-by-side with some of the planet’s most talented surgeons. At 25, Matt dove head first into real estate investing, first into single-family rentals, and then quickly into triple net commercial real estate. Through self-discipline, books, podcasts, mentorship, masterminds, and a lot of hard work, Matt’s personal holdings have gone from $0 to $100M in just five years. Today, at 30, he’s not only an investor with a portfolio covering all CRE asset classes, he’s an entrepreneur, developer, and author. Matt’s goal is to empower and educate more people to create passive wealth through commercial real estate investments and help to break the stigma often associated with big commercial deals. From financing, taxes, mentorships, and more, Matt shows how someone from a completely different field can thrive in commercial real estate. To find out more, connect with him at his website,

4 Pillars

  1. Passive income
  2. Focusing on net worth
  3. Think bigger
  4. Leverage debt

Books: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy, The Insider’s Guide to Triple Net Investing by Matt Onofrio, The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

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