Through the use of social media Adam has built a powerful network that has allowed his business to grow and succeed. Adam shares with us some keys to grow your network as well as some traps to avoid. 
Adam Adams has educated hundreds of thousands of investors through hosting conferences, radio & podcast interviews, speaking, mastermind groups, meetups, and his coaching program. He is the organizer of one of the most famous and highest rated Meetups in the world and the host of the Creative Real Estate Podcast. Adam’s efforts to educate and inspire other investors has earned him the prestigious title “Master Investor of The Year” from Think Realty and the “Adds Incredible Value” award from Lifetime Cashflow. He is also a 3X Hall Of Fame winner in RE Mentor for his successes in multifamily syndications.

Adam got his start in real estate through investing in Tax Deeds way back in 2005. Soon after buying a piece of land and getting the annual tax bill in the mail, Adam realized that true financial freedom wasn’t created merely by owning a piece of real estate but through cash-flow. So in 2007 and 2008, Adam utilized creative strategies to get involved into his first cash-flowing multifamily apartments. Today Adam is partnered in over $50 million of multifamily real estate. Together with his company, BlueSpruce, Adam focuses on finding cash-flowing apartment communities for passive investors.

3 golden Nuggets: 
Follow what others are doing no saying
Build a social network
Create a team that fills your weaknesses

Book mentioned: Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless

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